Forde Books is a bookshop, reading space and exhibition venue dedicated to writing. Set up at Forde, Forde Books works in collaboration with various invited publishers or distributors. Open as and when needed, in parallel to the exhibition programme, it is endeavouring to introduce to Geneva a place to circulate independent publications, artists’ books, theoretical works, magazines and fanzines, yet also be somewhere that discussion can take place and editorial projects can be displayed.


From 09.02.2012 / wed.-sat. 2-7pm

Edition Patrick Frey

Artists books, first publications (Fuzi, Ma ligne, HuberHuber, Universen), rare books (J.F. Schnyder, Zuger- Baarerstrasse; Annelise Coste, Non; Karen Kilimnik, Paintings) or out of print (Walter Pfeiffer, Das Auge, die Gedanken, unentwegt wandernd; Fischli & Weiss, Airports; Piotr Uklanski, The Nazis), and best-sellers (Lurker Grand, Hot Love; Onorato/Krebs, The Great Unreal; Christian Schwager, Falsche Chalets)...


26.04 - 23.07.2011 / wed.-sat. 2-7pm

Florence Loewy

Martin Kippenberger, Dieter Roth, Marcel Broodthaers, General Idea, Group Material, Sol Lewitt, Hans-Peter Feldmann, Rodney Graham...


01.10.2010 - 15.01.2011 / wed.-sat. 2-7pm

Motto Distribution

Seth Price, Michael Stevenson, Dexter Sinister, Roma Publications, Archive Books, Bureau of Loose Associations, PROVENCE, FormContent, CNEAI, Werkplaats Typografie, Paraguay Press, The Believer, MIT Press, JRP Ringier, Four Corners Books, Onomatopee, Sternberg Press, May, Fillip, Occasional Papers, Bedford Press, Gagarin, mono.kultur, 2nd Cannons...