Forde Radio Podcast #8

Re Feel

11.05.2011, 18h-19h30


Re Feel Session

par Benjamin Valenza


Intro 0:07

Anna Karena in Alphaville, Definition de l'amour 0:42

Serge Gainsbourg, L'Anamour 2:19

Destroy All Monsters, Mom and Dad's Pussy 1:07

Varg Vikernes, The killing of Euronymous 0:49

Gherasim Luca, Passionnément 4:55

Patti Smith, Because the Night 3:25

John Cooper Clarke, I Married A Monster From Outer Space 2:03

Jefferson Airplane, Somebody To Love 3:03

PornoSonic, Special Delivery 2:40

Gerard Depardieu in Tenue de soirée, Enculer… 0:59

Betty Davis, Anti Love Song 4:32

Michel Cardoz & Les Inconnus, Meteo 1:58

Life As War, Untitled 3:01

Anonyme, Chanson d'amour pour bègue 0:23

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, "Pa-Pa-Pa-Pa-Pa-Pa-Papagena!" 2:26

Kraftwerk , Sex Object (Demo Mix) 4:18

Sigmund Freud, My name is Sigmund Freud 0:18

The Yardbirds, For Your Love 2:32

John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band, I Found Out 3:38

The John Spencer Blues Explosion, The World of Sex 3:46

John Giorno Band, Scum & Slime 4:09

Allen Ginsberg, Please Master 4:34

Outro 0:07