Fabien Giraud

Le La Mort

Le La Mort is a work by Fabien Giraud made up of fifteen books edited by Rosascape (Paris) and co-produced with Forde.

Le La Mort is a book of images. Fifty-nine photographs reproduce to scale 1:1 the sculptures from the exhibition Du Mort qui Saisit le Vif (La Maison du Dehors). Each book is cut down the middle by the script of a conversation between Fabien Giraud and Vincent Normand, printed on Linotype. This dialogue, entitled Metaxu, providing both a commentary and a point of origin for the works of the exhibition, is the point of appearance of the writing in the field of vision defined by the book.

More informations : contact@rosascape.com

Metaxu (PDF) available here : www.dumortquisaisitlevif.com