Forde Radio Podcast #10




1. Striking iron, North America, 1949

2. Grinding coffee, Egypt, 1978

3. Grinding karite nuts, Benin, 1974

4. Pounding rice, Haiti, 1951

5. Pounding maize flour, Republic of Rhodesia, 1962

6. Pounding maize, Republic of Rhodesia, 1962

7. Fulling wool, Scotland, 1993

8. Beating bananas, Chad, 1950

9. Grinding millet, Benin, 1975

10. Kneading sago pith, Papua New Guinea, 1969

11. Cutting sago stems, Papua New Guinea, 1969

12. Cutting stone, Japan, 1952

13. Cutting and felling trees, Papua New Guinea, 1968

14. Cutting sago, Papua New Guinea, 1969

15. Cutting trees, United States, 1948

16. Felling trees, French Guiana, 1968

17. Digging fields, Jamaica, 1961

18. Chopping trees, United States, 1947

19. Splitting fireweed, United States, 1947

Collected and organized by Tarik Hayward on the occasion of the exhibition Made of Concrete at Actual Size (Los Angeles,, from the following albums:

Waulking Songs From Barra

Music of the Sioux and the Navajo

Bedouin Music of Southern Sinai

Benin- Bariba And Somba Music

Music of Haiti: Vol. 1, Folk Music of Haiti

Music from Petauke of Northern Rhodesia, Vol. 1

Traditional Music & Songs of Italy

Music of Equatorial Africa

Bosavi: Rainforest Music from Papua New Guinea

Folk Music of Japan

Prison Songs Vol. 1: Murderous Home

Folk Music of the Western Congo

Music from Saramaka: A Dynamic Afro-American Tradition

John Crow Say..: Jamaican Music of Faith, Work and Play

Prison Songs, Vol. 2: Don'tcha Hear Poor Mother Calling?